November 10, 2010

a shift in perspective

When I woke up I had a feeling it was going to be one of those days.
I left my phone in the car this morning.  It's in the center console, right underneath the tape deck.  (Which makes me wonder: Are we the only people left on earth with a tape deck in our car?)

I spent half an hour nosing my way around the university's online account site until it crashed.  It's getting close to final exam time and next semester registration time and I want to ensure no snags and snares.  Turns out there are no holds, and surprise of surprises there is a refund waiting for us.

I discovered the phone was in the car when I thought to call the cashier's office at the university before walking down to pick up a refund check - after all it's not my name on the payment line.  I wanted to make sure they would let me pick up the check sitting in their outbox.  Online I found info for parents, but not spouses.  However, I was too lazy to go get my phone and so I decided to make my call on Google Talk.  Thank you Google for making it even easier for me to do what I need to when I am both forgetful and lazy.

My planning was in vain.  They didn't pick up the phone.  I listened to the introductory message.  I pressed 4 as instructed.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  Instead of a person I got a recording.  The one about how I was calling outside of business hours.  It was 10:30 in the morning.

I was about to get indignant about public institutions and harumph about getting what you pay for when I decided to shift my perspective.  I see no point in that logic - it's a refund I'm after.  Remember?

Instead I'll just walk the half mile to their office.  I wonder if that is what they're hoping we all do when they provide such profound telephone support.  Not that it matters.  I am grateful that someone failed to switch the tape and ran me straight to a voice-mail with no inbox.  Thank you.  I do appreciate having a reason to go enjoy this beautiful fall weather.  Today I am not going to worry about being the most efficient me - I am going to find a balance.  I suppose this means that I'll go take a stroll and see if I can get this item crossed off of my list.  Instead of dreading this day of forgetfulness, I'm taking it as my own and going to enjoy what it brings.

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