November 16, 2010

this week I'm working on balance

A bit about today:
I'm struggling to give myself a break.  I feel as if I haven't really accomplished much and yet, when I reflect, I did just fine.  Post office, office supply store, grocery shop, drug store, goodwill drop off, bill paying and a bit of consulting were all checked off the list, but I didn't have time for the fun stuff and so I feel stuck in a bit of a panic.  If you haven't guessed - it's errand day around here. 

Grocery shopping was a real drag.  I stayed within my target and crossed most items off my list.  But I just want to cry on days when somebody buys all the mangoes, tomatoes, chicken breasts, frozen lasagna, and eight o'clock coffee.  {And no - not ALL the chicken breast were gone, but the $0.88/lb ones were.  And all the tomatoes looked ill.  I am not yet willing to accept the fact that tomatoes will not grace my salads during the winter months.}    I was developing a severe upside down smile with each turn up an aisle.

Then I got over my bad self, decided come home and revisit what was already in my kitchen.  Apparently my frustrations in the aisle were fine, we had more than enough here to make it delicious tonight.

We're having gagutz, steamed broccoli, sirloin tip steak, rice and tomato-less salad tonight.  {Three veggie sides, oh my!}

A bit about gagutz:
Gagutz not just a "squash head" as defined by the urban dictionary.  It's one of our all time FAVORITE sides to eat.  It's also a snap to whip up as long as you are me and keep all of the ingredients on hand.  {Am I the only person who is always stocked in squash?}

No joke.  Just went and took a photo of it in all of its glory on the stove.  Here it is up close.  Yum.

Here is how I cook it:

Apparently this recipe is a bit wordy and I didn't catch it before saving my card.  Let me pick up where I left off.  Once the squash is all cooked, the garlic is fragrant and the veggies on the bottom are caramelly colored toss in your tomatoes.  Cook 'em until they turn from red to a more orangish color - you know - like stewed tomatoes.  Or.  You can just keep it simmering until you plate up.  Season to taste with S&P and the oregano.

Yeah.  Umm. That's about it.

Some folks toss in a bay leaf.  I don't, but don't let it stop you.  Just pull it out before you serve - or warn your tablemates.  One of us is too lazy to remove things from dishes before serving and the other one of us complains loudly when served food with bay leaves in it.

Also, the tomatoes are your choice - whole, diced or crushed.  I buy whole tomatoes then stick blend about half of them before throwing them in the pan because we like ours saucy.

I have also made this with eggplant, which shifts it pretty profoundly into ratatouille land, but it's still yum.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to updating the world on me getting my craft on and, as a bonus, I'll share one thing about how eating in has changed our world.

I've linked up this post with Tasty Tuesdays hosted by Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.  She is looking for non-traditional Thanksgiving sides this week.  I know gagutz would certainly not be a first thought, but it is also an excellent pairing with roasted chicken and baked potatoes ~ why not give it a whirl with turkey & smashers!

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