November 9, 2010

three favorite snacks

After four days of explaining a challenge that is about as earth shattering as giving up soda or not subscribing to cable, I decided you all deserved a bit of a break.

Well, you and me.

After a long weekend I'm back along with the bit of fun I promised to deliver last Friday.  Please forgive me for being a few days late.

What is this bit of fun? - My three all time FAVORITE snacks.

They are all convenient, tasty, healthy and they all make me smile.  One of them has been known to make me belly laugh.  One of the most important parts of snacking is that it must make you happy.  Just call me the happy snacker.

The first two are those 100 Calorie Snacks*.  You know the ones, already prepared, portioned and wrapped ones, the just tuck them in your purse or your pocket and go kind.

Number 1: The banana
 {the original 100 Calorie Snack Pack}

Did you know that there is enough fuel in one average sized banana to bicycle for five kilometers?  I do, I learned it alongside my former students, and now you share this knowledge too.  Thank you Prominence English Reader.

 {always a handy toy if you find yourself needing to entertain toddlers...or me}

In a pinch its an edible toy telephone.  I choose the banana if I have been on the go all day and need a mid-afternoon pick me up.  Some days I need multifunctional snacks, you know, fuel, food, and fun.

Number 2: The hard-boiled egg
{oval perfection}

I learned about this one from a top secret source.  One day I observed her pull an egg from the fridge and drop it in her purse.  I thought she had gone mad.  But, upon reflection I realized that she is a genius.  Hard-boiled eggs, like bananas, come in their own wrapper - which takes them to the top of convenience snack foods.  Just pop it into your purse or pockets.  If it cracks in transit - well you have less work to do when it comes to the peeling.

It has even been suggested to me that the hard boiled egg as a perfect snack for a commuter plane trip without in-flight service.  While I can't personally condone the peeling of such a smelly snack in such tight quarters, the mental image of this makes me chuckle even now.  

{pocket sized}

I love eggs as a pick me up.  They're a great source of protein and fats.  I am not going to preach about cholesterol.  I monitor mine.  It's fine.  If yours isn't try snack one or three.  Eggs satisfy me way more than other high value fatty snacks.  {I have zero self-control when it comes to nuts, but one egg seems to fill me up.}

Number 3: The apple surprise
{start with an apple}

Start with a normal apple, but take a moment and doctor it up and then you will have your very own apple surprise. 

Apples, while prepackaged and in a single serving, are more cumbersome for me than the first two choices.  I have to be a bit more careful with them as I am prone to end up with sticky hands.  I also find that dealing with the core can get annoying.  Unless you're my dad and you eat it.

 {take a bite}

Since apples are less of a grab and go snack than bananas and hard boiled eggs, I like to jazz them up before I dash out the door.  Hence the extra effort tasty treat that I don't mind suffering sticky fingers and trash for.  It is just that yummy.

{spackle the hole with peanut butter and you are ready to go}

In my mind all the best things in this world revolve around peanut butter.  Because of the peanut butter this becomes a 300 calorie snack.  I always take a 2 tablespoon-sized bite because I love peanut butter.  Feel free to cut that in half and treat yourself to a 180 calorie snack.  The nutritional and taste benefit makes the addition of the peanut butter well worth it in my opinion.

*What is your favorite nature made 100 Calorie Snack Pack?

**While there is some variance in the caloric content of these three snacks, an average sized banana, a jumbo hard boiled egg and a large apple are all about 100 calories each, just like those over priced, artificial tasting, unsatisfying things you can buy in the snack foods aisle at the grocery store.  {If you stick with large eggs and medium apples - well, those come in just under 80 calories.  Two tablespoons of peanut butter adds another 190~200 calories to the apple.}

Please take my nutrition advice with a grain of salt.
I have no training in the field.
I just believe in snacking happy.

One final note.  I was a JIF girl for 29 years.  Don't mock my hippy, organic, crunchy, organic, no sugar added, no salt added peanut butter.  Go buy yourself some and try it.  I will never be a sugar added girl again thanks to a friend who told me the same thing when I scoffed at his insistence I do the same.  He was right.  All natural is WAY better.

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