November 15, 2010

a word about basting.

It's November and I feel like the time has come to shed light on an alternate use for the most awkward of kitchen tools.

I rarely roast a turkey these days, as my mom lives 30 minutes down the road and a short drive is much more convenient than a couple of hours of baking and basting.  However, I do have a turkey baster because I have been known to celebrate Thanksgiving even while abroad.  I had noticed when we moved into our newest kitchen that the spout of the turkey baster had somehow taken on a slightly pink tinge.  I thought that was an odd way for the plastic to turn colors, but I figured it was only natural considering the age of the thing.  I gave it a scrub, snapped this photo and then tucked it away in a drawer where I expected it to remain for another three years.

Until this weekend, when I had some help in the kitchen.  A batch of Gatorade was being made and I reached for a spoon.  Phil reached for the drawer, pulled out the baster and said "Wait!  This works much better and is more fun."  I've got to tell you, he's right.  We make way more Gatorade than we bake turkeys in this house and so instead of taking up space with a once a year kind of tool, we have broadened its reach and let the baster earn his keep.

I'm curious.  What are some other surprise multifunction tools in your kitchen?

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