December 4, 2010

and she is inspired

I heard from Jetty that they might get flurries West of us, but never did I imagine this.

And so this winter wonderland inspired me not to find drainage stones for my herb garden, but instead to gather evergreens.  After a quick Google to check the penalties for clipping from public land, I took a walk outside this afternoon and these are the fruits of that first gather.

I stripped the paper off of some twist-ties and went to town and this is what was born.

Now if you will excuse me, I have more clippings to snip and a husband to meet for a lovely dusk-time stroll in an unexpected winter wonderland.  My heart is soaring as my mind is planning wreaths and garlands.  I wonder if I could possibly be tipsy from the intoxicating smell of juniper and pine in our home.

Oh how a blanket of white encourages me to begin to embrace the joy of this season.

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

We got at least two inches of snow. Some is still on the ground!


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