December 1, 2010

the hardest choice

The greatest temptation to eat out came 24 hours after we moved into our newest home.  Without fail my go to response to stress during my life has been to spike a fever.

When I woke up the morning after we unpacked I knew that I would be out of commission by the end of the day.  I took a look around our newest home.  All of our possessions were in boxes piled in the living room and the cupboards were bare.  Without a second thought I grabbed the keys and left the apartment on a desperate grocery run.

I got the basics, the stuff I would be able to find and put in the cart if blindfolded.  I could feel myself getting sicker as I shopped so I cut bait and headed home much sooner than I had planned.  When I got there, I collapsed on the couch, which had been righted and assembled in my absence.

After a long day of restless half-sleep I awoke to see a deconstructed home.  My husband had done an unbelievable job unpacking our life.  The boxes that had sat in storage for forty eight months were being broken down and the cavernous space was filling up with all that we have.

He was exhausted.  And hungry.
I was sick.  And hungry.

The kitchen was far from ready for us to make a meal.  And so we sat in the middle of boxes and packing paper, overwhelmed by the smell of mothballs and shared our first meal at home.  We feasted on crackers, spinach dip, apples, carrots and cheese.

In all of the clutter and mess of unpacking we realized that we were home and that choosing to eat in also meant choosing to forgo convenience when convenience was a very good thing.  We toasted the awareness of an unpredicted challenge with root beer and cranberry juice.

As I sat there in a fever fog I remember thinking that to be successful in this endeavor, I would need to learn to plan ahead...
Wondering what I'm talking about?  Catch up on our year of eating in. The why, parts one and two. The how. My favorite to-go snacks, and finally a word on breakfasting.

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kym & Dustin said...

A YEAR of now eating out! WOW! i cant go a week. you are awesome!


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