December 1, 2010

a man named Joe

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I was walking down the street and a man asked to rake my yard.
I laughed and apologized. "I'm sorry sir, I don't have a yard."
I on my way back to the car I stopped and I wished him well.
"The leaves are down and the wind is blowing, I hope someone passes who can give you some business!"
We got to talking.  It turns out he was in Japan in the '80s with the Navy.
We compared notes for a while and then at my suggestion, we walked to a restaurant.
I bought him a meal, wished him well and thanked him for the fellowship we shared on that blustery fall day.
And then I walked away.

When I was talking with Joe, I didn't remember that Thanksgiving was in two days.

I just went on down my list of things to do, until I remembered.
On Thursday as I sat down to my first Thanksgiving in two years, I wondered where was Joe?
Who did he celebrate the day with?  Could I have helped him have a better Thanksgiving?

I feel called to give, I think most of us do.  We are blessed without debt and so I am able to give without reservation.  However, I am often left feeling that whatever I have shared, it is never enough.  I do look to my husband to help guide me, because one time when I was asked, I gave away our car.
As we draw closer to Christmas and as I prepare myself for this season of grace I find myself thinking about giving in a different light.

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julochka said...

what a beautiful act of kindness towards joe. i'm sure he was thankful for it on thanksgiving.

it is interesting to think about ways of giving. tho' i don't think anyone would want our car. :-)


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