April 7, 2011

Where in the world?

Who takes a month off of blogging and disappears for four months?
Apparently that would be me.

If I am completely honest, I really enjoyed the break. 

I continued writing, but for this last little bit what was written was really for my eyes only.

If I am completely honest, I spend December and January of most years wading through the days, wearing layers and hoping that someday I will live in the tropics.  This winter was so incredibly mild, it is hard to believe that I still felt compelled to hibernate, but, I did.  I spent my days reading and cooking and eating and debating exercise.  There were lots of stews and chilis and bowls of ice cream consumed in those two darkest months.

In January some pretty exciting things happened that had me sitting on my hands until about now.  We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and I contemplated the awesomeness of our wedding rings. 

Then as the month wrapped, I was all set to return and we discovered that our family of two was no more and we are a budding family of three.  Some of us are very excited and others of us are even more excited.  I managed to wait a full minute before telling my LilSis the news.  (She made me promise to share as soon as I could and, well, it didn't feel right holding the news in.)  Once before in our lives I asked her to keep a secret and that ended rather poorly for the pair of us, so I decided to spill the beans to our extended family and relieve the pressure.

I held my tongue publicly until now, and quite frankly, was having a bit of trouble publishing posts about homemade granola, bric, chai and the other drivel that I normal share and so I chose to be silent.  Oh.  And.  I spent a large portion of the last three months asleep, or on the couch, or eating pastries.  But last week I heard our third little heartbeat for the first time and I feel like our family is ready to share.  And my house is clean.  I am once more capable of putting the laundry away within an hour of it finishing in the dryer.  The tub has been cleaned and the floors have been vacuumed.  Apologies for the long silence, but it seemed irresponsible to return here until after I had sorted my chores.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! Glad you're back, too.

Amanda said...

i tend to go into really inspired states of blogging where i just want to post post post so i let myself get all that creativity out, make heaps of posts, and then i schedule them all. It's not the more spontaneous way (i do that too when things come to me last minute) but it keeps my blogging going :)


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