June 2, 2011

We had a great time! Boy has this week flown...

I can hardly believe it is Thursday morning again.  It seems like yesterday that I was planning our Memorial Day getaway.  This week has been full of getting back into the swing of things, moving processes along and beginning new journeys.

Getting back into the pool on Monday challenged me to no end.  But.  I did it.  I'm three weeks into my three month goal of swimming five miles a week.  Do you set three month goals?  I find three months the perfect length to set goals for.

Yesterday brought my date with the MRI machine.  Goodness that puppy is loud.  The littlest one did not get the memo about being still and was jumping around the entire time.  Good thing it was me they were looking at and not her this time.  I am hoping to know the results by the weekend.

Tonight I start sewing classes.  So excited.  I am hoping having assignments will motivate me to actually complete my list of projects on my back burner.  Also, having a person to answer questions will help, since I am definitely a learn by experience person, I find trying to glean and retain knowledge from the internet a challenge.

I hope you all enjoyed last weekend as much as we did.  We spent two days out and two days recovering.  Fun was had, improvements were noted for next time and we are all cleaned up and ready to go again...just in time for the weekend!  What are you planning for the one right before us? 

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