June 2, 2011

when we boat

This post is linked up with a whole bunch of other awesome folks participating in Embrace the Camera hosted by Emily at the anderson crew.  Please feel free to hop on over and see who else has been shamelessly documenting their herd this week.

Just because I am feeling all nostalgic, I'll give you a bit more of our boating adventures.  We arrived at the boat launch in our little car and were told we couldn't park there because: "You clearly don't have a kayak in that car."  To which I rather unnecessarily loudly cried: "Oh yes we do!"  The confused attendant waved my husband through, looking very pityingly at him for his wife was not quite right.

We grabbed the two duffels out of the car and unzipped.  I was on instruction duty and Phil was in charge of assembly.  Thirty minutes later we were ready to go with our magical folding boat.  {Well, it's my Dad's magical folding boat...we just borrowed it because we like boating and little cars and folbots make that lifestyle duality possible.}

I threw in a photo of spouse and kayak because sometimes embracing the camera means we end up with blurry Phil and boat.

And here we are out on the water.  Nothing like 2 hours on the Currituck Sound to restore your soul and tire your arms.

We're not too cool for life jackets.  Happy remainder of the week!


Vivian said...

I want to go boating so bad. It looks like you are having so much FUN! Thank you for sharing.

ruthiehart said...

that last pic is priceless, you will be so glad you captured so many happy moments in your life! looks like a BLAST

Our Family of Four said...

I am dying laughing because my husband and I tried those and we about died. I lost count as to how many times we flipped over. I ended up swimming back to shore. LOL


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