About Me

Hi!  I'm Teresa.  I've never really had a nickname that stuck.  My mom always thought I'd be a Terry, but when I was a wee one a family friend had a Terry who was a boy and well, I just stayed Teresa.  I've always felt a bit sad about that, but I really like my name so that's cool I suppose.

Besides my name, what is there to tell?  Well, I am a middle kid of three girls and I married a middle kid of three boys.  We both feel attached to our identities as middlings.  It's a good description of who we are.  We're rarely first, almost never last and sort of just moving along.  We live a good life and work hard six days of the week.  I work at home and he works as a student.  Life is as easy as it could be for us in this season of our lives and we feel blessed for that gift.

Well, now a bit more about the we I suppose.  We is me and Phil.  We met and fell madly in love in July of 2005.  We decided that we should just be friends and well that didn't last a week.  Our courtship was short and sweet and in January of 2006 I spent the first week of the month calling all of my extended family to tell them we were eloping and arranging plane flights for all of our immediate family because it just wouldn't feel right unless we had them with us. 

On January 7, 2006 we got married in the county jail and began our lives as teamCotey and I became an Army Wife - quite a change for a pacifist.  In August 2006 my love deployed for what would become a fifteen month deployment.  During his time in Iraq we spent many hours planning our next adventure and paying down our debts.  In June 2008 he finished his time in the service and we departed for Japan two months later and this blog was born.

Now we're back stateside for at least three years and transitioning from life in Asia to life on a college campus.  This blog is about life from my perspective, the wife of a very good man with itchy feet.


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